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Koonam Tall

Glass vase with mouth-blown and hand-cut surface

From: $995.00


Glass object of the very highest level of craftsmanship. Mouth-blown, cast, and hand-carved, this tall vase celebrates the intimate interplay between sculptural form and texture. Guaxs designers are proud to draw their inspiration equally from ancient cultures and modern influences. The bold use of color marries happily with any architectural style.






27" x 7"

About Guaxs

This brand is specialized in developing sculptural objects, that change the atmosphere of a room and have an effect on the people around them. All pieces are made of authentic and sustainable materials, manufactured by hand following practical knowledge and handcraft techniques developed over centuries. The German brand draws its inspiration from forms of nature and cultural artifacts, always influenced by personal experience gathered on travels, intuition, and close observation. The glass objects are processed in small, exclusive factories which are specialized in producing small editions for international artists and designers.


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“The bold use of color

marries happily

with any architectural style.”



“Glass objects

of the very

highest level

of craftsmanship.”

The Visitor

From: $145.00

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